Kimberly Norman - Owner - O'Fallon Properties Tulsa

O’Fallon Properties, L.P.

Kimberly Norman started O'Fallon Properties, L.P. in 2005 with a desire to provide Tulsan’s with quality, affordable apartment living. After purchasing her first building in the Forest Orchard Neighborhood, Kimberly saw a need . . . to revitalize a once glowing community. That need sparked a catalyst for change. Since 2005 she has acquired 6 apartment buildings, has been instrumental in ridding the area of crime and gangs, and is in the forefront of revitalizing the neighborhood and renewing the quality of life for the people and businesses in the area.  

Mission Statement

Revitalizing urban Tulsa neighborhoods, one property at a time, to provide quality affordable living communities.

More about Kimberly

Kimberly Norman attended Oklahoma City University, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Management. She grew up in southern Oklahoma and now lives in Tulsa with her husband and has one child. She has participated in many non-profit organizations over the past 25 years and currently serves as President for the Tulsa Children’s Chorus and sits on the Board of Directors at Hillcrest Hospital. She is also a member of the Tulsa Chamber of Commerce. When Kimberly’s not working, she enjoys spending time at the lake, traveling and cooking. 

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Here's what people are saying...

Kimberly, I just wanted to thank you for all your hard efforts so “your people” can have nice, clean and safe housing. We call our apartments “home” as do many others here! It’s funny, your goodness has rubbed off on all of us. Patrick started putting free stuff downstairs. Nice thing for any of us. Others have started doing the same. The young girl in Apt L now has enough to have a nice kitchen when she goes back to school. We all appreciate you!
— E.V.
Kimberly has cleaned up this whole area. It never has been this nice in over 30 years!
— B.H.
I really like it here. Everyone is so nice.
— W.D.
Obviously I like Kimberly. I’ve lived in 3 of her apartments!
— D.M.
We adore Kimberly and appreciate her. She’s way more than a fabulous landlord, she is a friend, and feels like family.
— K.P
I love it here!
— F.S.
I think Kimberly has good taste. I love the flowers.
— G.D.
I really like it here. Everyone is so nice.
— J.D.
Kimberly has really cleaned up the entire neighborhood. I’m always looking out for her!
— L.M.