Tulsa Flag Fest

A new wave of change is among Tulsa. The upcoming Tulsa Flag Fest will mark the beginning of the city's history represented through the designing and revealing of a premier official flag design. Each of the elements have a symbolic meaning behind them. Read below to find out what they are and what they represent.

About Tulsa's New Flag

At the top of the flag, the blue section is representational of the Arkansas River that runs through the western part of the city. This river has provided so many resources in years past and all the way to present day. Many consider the AK River to be the life stream of the city of Tulsa.

Next, the horizontal golden line was implemented to represent the oil discovery in our the state of Oklahoma in 1901. Specifically, the black gold that brought a wealth of prosperity and commerce to the area. Much can be said and interpreted from the history of the oil boom days in the city of Tulsa, and the new flag more than puts a solid foundation to the historic time.

Next, the strength of the Native Shield. This piece is a focus on the settlement to this area by the Native American tribes. When we take a look at Oklahoma history, there are so many different tribes that came to this great state.

You will also notice a red circle with the beige star in the new Tulsa Flag. This element symbolizes the many lives lost during the Tulsa Race Riot in 1921. This well-remembered time in history was the destruction of Black Wall Street. The beige star represents the bright future that Tulsa holds and an honored recognition to the city's art deco surroundings.

The Flag Fest Event

Join hundreds of Tulsans and Come out to ONEOK stadium and enjoy the party of the year. Featured will be several food trucks, games, drinks, and live music from local Tulsa bands. The festival will also offer Tulsa Flag gear including hats, shirts, and more.