Midtown Tulsa City Living: Spring Around Town

There’s nothing like a beautiful spring day in Midtown Tulsa to warm the soul. So many O’Fallon Properties have a wonderful one or two bedroom apartment home just waiting for you. Looking for a life near the vibrant Cherry Street area? Why not try Cherry Street Villas! Looking for a home in the Forest Orchard area? Come home to a beautiful cottage-like setting at Cottages on Rockford. Whatever your heart desires, find a beautiful new home at an O’Fallon Property today!

Cherry Street Proximity

Does your active lifestyle involve going out for a night on the town? What better place to do so than Cherry Street! With wonderful Midtown Tulsa properties such as Cherry Street Villas and Pinewood Apartments, you will never be far from the best that Cherry Street has to offer. With great bars like Kilkennys and fine dining like Drake’s Tavern just moments from your door step, your life will be filled with some of the best conveniences around town. You can even visit one of Tulsa’s best Farmer’s Markets on Saturday mornings!

Downtown Tulsa Views

Have you ever dreamed of living in Midtown Tulsa and just minutes from the downtown area? Great news – O’Fallon Properties has the perfect apartment home just for you! With fabulous apartment properties like Trenton Terrace that have great views nestled in a lovely setting, you will never be far from what Downtown Tulsa has to offer.

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