Midtown Tulsa City Traditions: St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Party Tips

Are you fully equipped to host a spectacular St. Patrick’s Day dinner party? Serving as host for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner party in your Midtown Tulsa apartment home is a great way to partake in a time-honored tradition. Indulge yourself in good neighborly cheer and introduce your family and friends to the people you live by. Here are some quick tips to ensuring that your St. Patrick’s Day dinner party is a great success:

Set the mood for free

You don’t need to go all out with fancy paper invitations. Digital invites will present the mood and feel just as effective as a mailed invitation. Plus, with digital invites, you can also count on getting a response much quicker than snail mail. There are so many free options out there – have fun and create the perfect invitation for your Midtown Tulsa apartment event in just minutes!

Have you thought about the drinks?

Of course beer is a favorite on St. Patrick’s day! Offering beer at your Midtown Tulsa apartment party is definitely a must. If you want to go all out with green beer, all you need to do is simply add a couple of drops of green food dye to the beverage. Your apartment guests would probably also enjoy a nice drink before dinner is served – this helps many begin a conversation with someone they do not know as well. So, beer not only sets the mood…but it also serves as the catalyst for the social hour preceding dinner.

What about the food?

The meal is the most important part – this is where you go all out. Blow your Midtown Tulsa apartment dinner guests away by preparing a traditional Irish meal. You can even spin something new off it just for kicks and to be innovative. There are so many resources out there to confer in order to ensure that your main dish is spectacular!

The main thing to remember is to not over complicate your Midtown Tulsa dinner party. People enjoy when you keep things simple – the holiday spirit sells itself. If you keep some of these things in mind, your dinner party is sure to be a great success.

Erik CollinsComment